Friday, 16 December 2011

Christmas Countdown - 16

Today's movie is: Home Alone

Tonight my Sister, Stephanie, and her boyfriend babysat whilst Mr Bogert and I went to his work Christmas party. They watched the movie, had delivery pizza, got to stay up late (because my sister is a soft touch), had 3 bedtime stories (after my sister initially refused to read one slightly longer book!) and the Small Person and Hardeep, my sister's boyfriend, had a drawing competition. It has been universally declared that Alexandra is a better artist. Poor Hardeep!

Mr Bogert's work party was held at Aston Villa Footbal Club. Verdict? The venue was nice, easy to find and had plenty of parking. The staff that welcomed you as you arrived were very friendly.

It seems as though they managed to employ THE most miserable serving staff to serve dinner, and despite there being an absolute army of them, took quite a while to get through the 3 courses. They laid a whole bunch of tables incorrectly so that on our table we only had 10 places setting where there should have been 12 (and that meant the tabel was too small when we squeezed the extra 2 in). The food was awful, and I had been looking forward to it all day (I was starving!). The DJ was stuck in some distant past, possibly at one of my old school discos.

But, we did have a good time? Mr Bogert bought me a nrew dress and shoes for the occassion (and who doesn't love new shoes?!) and I always enjoy spending time around Rob's work colleagues. There all actually good fun to be around and so are their partners. So, it was still worth the trip (even though we took a wrong turn on spaghetti junction coming home!)

Only 9 sleeps 'til Christmas!

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