Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Toddler Group Christmas Tea Party

Yesterday was the last day of term for Toddler Group. We are now on Christmas Break until 10th January. As much as I enjoy running the group and seeing everyone, it is nice to know I've got a few weeks off!

The presents were all wrapped in time. Mr Bogert is on holiday from work until the New Year, so he came along to help and to enjoy some time with Zack.

Me doing my present bit
We were a few table spaces short because there were so many children. We had pizza, Pom Bears, cherry tomatoes, grapes, cucumber sticks, fairy cakes, chocolate fingers, cheese cubes, cocktail sausages and mini scotch eggs. Zacky cleared his plate (and helped himself to some leftovers!)

The mums (childminders, grandparents, dads etc) got chocolate log or warm mince pie with their usual drinks, and then it was time to set up the (huge) semi-circle for gift giving.

One of the mum's very kindly helped me hand out prezzies (which is good 'cos she was a little reluctant!). Each child gets a gift for their age range, a book (that we collect through the book club over the course of the year) and a mini chocolate selections tray. 35 gifts (or thereabouts) later, the table was empty, there were several small chocolatey faces dotted about, and plenty of discarded wrapping paper everywhere!

My glamorous assistant
Zack's gift was a set of spaceships from the Early Learning Centre and a book called "Monkey Do". Chocolate was far more exciting though!

The Smaller Person's turn for a present
I thought we were all done, but my glamorous assistant had some extra treats from everyone for the volunteers. Such a lovely gesture and it's so nice to feel appreciated. I'm saving mine for Christmas day though, so they've been tucked safely away until then.

My Mother-in-law receiving a gift

Getting my lovely treat :)

It was a lovely atmosphere, and I hope everyone enjoyed it and has a lovely Christmas break. Now, time to start planning some New Year crafts ready for our return...

*In other news, Zacky Zoom has a new charriot, and he rather likes it. He got very excited when it came out of the box and felt the need to accompany it (holding on tight to the side) as it was wheeled by Daddy through the lving room. He had a huge smile on his face. It may just be his best new toy yet!

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