Saturday, 24 December 2011

Christmas Countdown - 24

Today's movie is: Polar Express

Today's activity is: Ooooo, lovely traditions. What traditions do you guys have? Are you thinking of starting some new traditions?

- Dinner with Mr Bogert's best friend, the Small People's Godfather, Anthony and his partner, Charlotte.
- Exchanging Christmas Eve presents and cards.
- Hot Chocolate with our Christmas Movie.
- Giving the new tree decorations to the kids for their trees.
- Putting Santa's treats out.
- Hanging the kids stockings in their room.

For dinner Mr Bogert and I had prawn cocktail, followed by rib of beef and then yuletide meringue log. All very yummy. The Small Person opted for turkey starter, turkey dinner and thankfully not turkey dessert, she had a yule mess which she didn't like. I really enjoy going and having dinner with Anthony and Charlotte on Christmas Eve. It makes us have a good meal and get out of the house, it stops us having to cook and wash up when there's plenty to prepare for tomorrow, and we get chance to have a lovely catch up and just an enjoyable time, particularly at a time of year when you rarely get chance to slow down.

One tradition we have in our house, from even before the kids were born, is that you get one present to open on Christmas Eve, the only rule is it must be to use on Christmas Eve.

The Small Person got a new Rudolph all-in-one sleep suit.

The Smaller Person got a PJ, dressing gown and teddy bear set.

I got a new steamer stack. Use Christmas Eve? Technically as I normally prepare the veg the night before. (although this time I haven't!)

Mr Bogert got a Jim Shore Mickey Mouse Tree decoration. We don't normally get new decorations every year like the kids, unless we see one that is particularly special, or if we go somewhere special that sells them (like when we went to Disney World on Honeymoon).

The kids got all cuted up in their new night clothes, Mr Bogert hung Mickey on the tree, and I made Hot Chocolate in our special Christmas mugs with LOTS of whippy cream.

We snuggled up on the sofa and watched the Polar Express. There was a great deal of talk this year from the small person about what it means to believe and how she can hear the bells (on Santa's sleigh). This was perfect because it followed on to the new tree decoration perfectly.

Alexandra's new decoration for her tree for this year is a bell with her name on. She checked she could hear it, then went round checking if the rest of us could hear it before finding a little space for it on her tree.

Zachary has had a nutcracker doll to hang on his tree. If you pull the string his arms and legs go up. Zack thought this was great, expecially as it turned out the nutcracker's sword covered his eyes up when his arms go up, so we played peekaboo with him before hanging him on the tree. Last year for his first ever christmas, the Smaller Person had this rocking horse with bells. So sweet :)

Usually their trees would be in their room. There simply isn't space this year because we're still trying to find a room share balance with toys, furniture and clothes. Instead they are in the conservatory. By the time they are fully grown and ready to move out into homes of their own, they will have a full set of (hopefully) memory filled and meaningful decorations.

The Smaller Person was too tired out to stay up and help sort Santa's treat out, so he was tucked up in bed. Normally the Small Person and Mr Bogert make chocolate crunchies to leave for Santa, but we didn't have a huge amount of time and we figured even Santa likes a change. The Small Person insisted that we leave carrots for the reindeer and a couple of chocolates for the elves. She put out a mince pie and hot chocolate for Santa (even though we pointed out that it wouldn't be hot by the time he stopped in).

Just before Bed Mr Bogert read the Small Person The Night Before Christmas. Not a usual tradition, but perhaps it will become one.

 Last, but very important, the stocking was hung in a place Santa would easily be able to see. Did I get the Smaller Person's stocking finished? Sort of. I didn't have enough time to pad or line it, and I'm not overly happy with the name cuff, because I rushed it. I will unpick the seams to pad and line it like I originally planned, and maybe restitch the cuff unless it grows on me, but AFTER Santa has made good use of it tonight! Pictures in a future post. Then I have an Alice stocking to make for the little girl of the house.

And so to bed, after all, I need to be asleep when the elves come by to check. When Santa gets the all clear from them, he'll drop by and leave us some lovely gifts. We've all been very nice this year :)

Only 1 sleep 'til Christmas! This is it... Santa's coming!

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