Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Mrs Woo's Having a Baby

Mrs Woo of 'Made for you by Mrs Woo' fame, is nearing her January due date when everyone, Mr & Mrs Woo included, will finally get to meet the sweet baby girl growing fast inside her mummy's tummy.

I had the privilege of being one of the select few invited to Mrs Woo's baby shower (organised by Potato Salad Heather), and I was sooooo excited. I love baby showers. And baby's for that matter. So I was defintiely going, but, alas, I had to drop out due to insufficient funds to get methere and back :(

Not to be completely left out, I posted my gift. Mrs Woo had asked on Facebook about a week or so ago what were considered good/essential books for baby. Plenty of us waded in with suggestions, and really, a list like that could be (and probably should be) neverending! The Wishes gift to baby Woo is a selection of 3 of the suggested books to help make a start to Baby Woo's library. We sent:
We're Going on a Bear Hunt

Can't You Sleep Little Bear

and Bunny my Honey

As Mrs Woo is one of those crafty folk, Heather decided to do a craft activity at the shower: decorating baby vests. So although I wasn't there in person to add to the creativity, there's no reason not to contribute from afar.

I bought a pack of baby girl vests and made some little additions to each one.
This is the simplest, just a length of pretty lace added at the neckline.

This is an appliqued felt birdy attached using a back-stitch, with an added heart and running stitch tail feathers.

This is an appliqued stag. I know it's a bit Christmassy (well it is that time of year you know. It's hard to get out of a festive frame of creativity!) but I thought the colour choices were far enough away from festive colours that it would be fine all year round (these will probably fit from around March/April time). I've used a running stitch again to attach and the add antlers and a heart.

Well, I'm sorry I missed it, but I hope everyone had fun, and I hope the Woo's like the gifts :)

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