Monday, 5 December 2011

Christmas Countdown - 5

Today's movie is: Deck the Halls (chosen by Mr Bogert)

Today's activity is: Christmas picture missing pieces

You will need:
- some Christmas pictures (Christmas cards work well, or you could look through magazines, print some from the internet, or print some clipart
- some scissors
- pencil
- ruler or a round, square or rectangle to drawn around

This is really simple to prepare. Take each picture and using a pencil draw your shape in a random place on each. (If you are using a ruler, drawn a square or rectangle the same dimension on each. If you are using something to draw around, make sure you use the same shape each time.)

Once you have drawn your shape on all the pictures, cut them out carefully. These are your missing pieces. If you have a large size punch (at least 2") you could use this for speed and accuracy.

Put your missing pieces all together and jumble them up.

The Small Person glued her missing pieces back in place once she matched them.

The Small Person has to sit here and match the right missing piece to the right picture. Simples!

Only 20 more sleeps 'til Christmas!

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