Saturday, 10 December 2011

"Mary, He's Chosen Mary..."

The Year 1 Nativity at the Small Person's school this year was "Christmas With the Aliens".

The aliens spaceship breaks down on earth and whilst trying to find someone to fix it, the meet some school children and their teacher, who explain to them what Christmas is about by telling the story of Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

All the costumes were good (especially the aliens! Huge amount of effort put in there by year 1 parents.), the kids remembered their lines really well (and some had quite a few to remember), and the songs and actions were performed with great enthusiasm and volume!

I was amazed just how much more involved they can be, the confidence that has built up since last year's Nativity. The kids did a wonderful job, as did the teachers in putting on such an entertaining show.

The Small Person was Mary. She spent most of the show with a great big grin across her face, she just loves performing. Her favourite bit is just after her lines:
Mary: What does this mean? Why would God choose someone like me?
Angel: Don't be frightened Mary.
Mary: Well I Never!
Then they all launch into song:
"well I never, have you ever, heard such exciting news? Angel told her, tapped her on the shoulder, God has chosen you. Mary, he's chosen Mary..."

She likes this bit because she's centre of the stage and every time they sing the Mary bit, all the children point at her. Nothing like the lime light!

Zacky was also on his best behaviour and didn't make peep throughout the show. He did make a break for it at the end though, and was caught by the headmistress trying to wander down the corridor towards the younger classrooms...

The Small person's costume was made sing leftover blue cotton from the Alice dress, and leftover white satin from the Spotty skirt. The tunic dress is just 2 rectangles gathered at he top (shoulders) and stitched down the sides leaving armholes open. The blue cord is a length of crochet (2 rows of DC). The blue cloak is shaped with a curved hem, gathered at the top and bound with bias binding. I used pres studs to fix it to the white tunic dress so that it could be removed for ease of dressing (and so I can use the seperately if the need should arise for another costume!). The head scarf is another piece of white satin, cut as an oval and hemmed. I have hand sewed a large hair comb to the underside about 1" from the edge to attach in the hair. Voila! Mary, Mother of Jesus.

We finished off a lovely morning with breakfast and hot drinks at our usual cafe with some of the other Mums and Dads. (We also took Starbucks eggnog lattes home. Yummmmm!)

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