Saturday, 17 December 2011

Christmas Countdown - 17 - The Fancy Dress

Today was a very important day in the Christmas social calendar: The 9th Annual Christmas Fancy Dress Pub Crawl. I can't believe we've been doing this for 9 years, it really makes us realise how much older we're getting (and quite a few of us hit 30 next year!)

We had the Small Person's last day of dance for this year. She took her handmade cards and snowman fudge to give out. Mr Bogert, the Smaller Person and I went to our favourite haunt, The Almanack, and had breakfast. Yummmm!

Around 4pm Mr Bogert's mum came to babysit for us (out 2 nights in a row - get us!). We re-used our Wonderland costumes, but had more time to spend on the face paint this time.

March Hare and Mad Hatter

The actual event started at 2pm, so quite a few were already out when we got there.

Phone jacker

Bo Selecta

Lady Ga Ga


Ben the Devil


Alex Delarge - Clockwork Orange



Lepechaun and Christmas Tree
More joined us as the evening went on, and a few had to leave.

The Monty's heading off ome to get the little guy off to bed


Beaker (without his nose) and Minnie Mouse

We had the awards ceremony at The Oak (where most of the guys meet on a Thursday night) and the landlord put free food on for us - what a star! The awards are usually given for car related things the guys do throughout the year. This year it was extended to the boats (that all failed terribly!) and also a few other categories including Best Fancy dress costume, judged by the landlord (and a bunch of people sitting by the bar!). Mr Bogert won! Yay!

Masters of ceremonies

Turbo award (an actual turbo to wear around his neck!)

Biggest celebrity. This is the amazing mama who has been on TV and in newspapers across the world for her amazing battle with tongue cancer after discovering she was pregnant with her first child. The treatment she was given was pinoeering and we're all pleased to say bother her and baby Jake have the all clear and are doing well. She really is a star!

Mr Bogert's best costume award
Heather and Andy also re-used their Wonderland costumes, so we made a great set! Lucy also managed to pop along and took some pics. Perhaps a few will find their way onto her blog.


Spot the man dressed as a Christmas tree

Mad? All the best people are!


March Hare and Lovely Leprechaun

Hatter and Terminator

Simon Cowel and (his wife) Cheryl Cole

The Sheriff and Mr Cowell

Cheshire Cat and Caterpillar

The children's entertainment :D

Lovely Lucy

We left to get home for 10pm. 6 hours looking after our Small People is enough for most!

Mr Bogert and I sat and watched Desperado and stuffed our faces with pizza (which I'd put in the freezer ready for Christmas, but you can't fight the late night munchies!)

Only 8 sleeps 'til Christmas!

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