Thursday, 29 December 2011

Fun Festivities with Friends

 If you've been reading my blog for a while, you will know that since 2003 (when we bought our first home together) Mr Bogert and I have always invited all of our friends around to our house on the evening of the 27th to celebrate Christmas, eat some food, drink some drinks and hopefully play some games.

This year quite a few of our usual friends couldn't make it, particularly the ones with children this year (a first for them, and we can sympathise entirely. We've been in that position for 6 years). An old friend who we haven't seen for around 3/4 years came round though, which was great! He went to uni with Mr Bogert, was an usher at our wedding, and filmed Alexandra's christening for us. The only reason we haven't seen him is that he's been living in Canada for a bit and more recently Northern Ireland while he completes his Masters in Fine Art. I hope we get to see him more often from now on.

In the past at our Christmas gethering we have played Twister (alot - we rubbed the spots off), Wii games: Supermario kart, Wii fit games and Just Dance, but this year we decided to do a pub quiz.

We were split into 2 teams by the quizmaster Mr Bogert. One round was charades and Mr Bogert had to act them out for us to guess.

It was so funny, we never went back to the rest of the quiz! We just played charades all night, taking turns.

Our friend Mark was soooo funny. He had to be reminded several times that charades has no talking involved. How he tried to mime "It's a Wonderful Life" will never EVER be forgotten! It was like conducting an orchestra of voices all singing "wooooooo-uuuu-err-oooooo"!

Mr Bogert had an interesting mime for "Dusk 'til Dawn" too, but as this is a Small Person friendly blog, I don't think I'll go any further than that!

I don't think I've laughed so hard or so long for quite some time. My sides ached all the next day. Good friends and laughter are great for your health.

I'm also quite concious that in previous years, this is the day we would be heading off in the car for our stay in the Lake District until New Year. I'm a little sad we're not going, but at least it means no packing and plenty of time to just do nothing with the holiday days left for family Wishes. Mr Bogert goes back to work next Tuesday after a really long break (since 12th Dec), the Small Person goes back to school the next day, then the folloing Tuesday we're back at Toddler Group. Before we know it, everything will be back to our old routine, so I'm savouring every last drop of family time. We've been off to the cafe today for hot drinks and a relaxing trip out of the house, surrounded by the scent of lattes and mochas and biscuits.

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